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Teleclass Recordings

TeleClass Recordings can be downloaded for $10 each. Login to your paypal account, click on the send money tab, enter and $10 for services. Please write in the message box which one/s you would like. You can also send a check to:

Bonnie Harris, Connective Parenting
152 Windy Row
Peterborough, NH 03458.
The first three teleclasses discuss several of the principles in Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids, 8 Principles for Raising Kids You'll Love to Live With

Teleclass #1 — Behavior: What does it mean and what do I do about it?
(Principles 1 and 2)
  • Helping my child feel successful. What are the obstacles in the way?
  • Behavior signals deeper needs beneath the surface
Teleclass #2 — Acceptance and Expectations (Principles 3 and 4)
  • The messages we send our children about acceptance and belonging
  • Validation and acknowledgment of what is before change can happen
Teleclass #3 — Connection Strengthens Relationship (Principle 5)
  • Importance of and steps of Connective Communication
  • Understanding the Gap, "do-overs"

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When  Your Kids Push Your Buttons Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids
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"My husband and I first came to Bonnie looking for help with our spirited child. Throughout our struggles and joys, Bonnie has helped us to understand the interpersonal dynamics in our family and given us useful practical advice. Bonnie brings empathy and intellectual depth to her practice and we have come to depend on her remarkable warmth and wisdom. Every family could use a little Bonnie now and then!"
—mother of two
"Bonnie has been the ray of sunshine that broke through the darkness that my family was sinking into deeper and deeper everyday. She has enlightened us with her common sense, wisdom, and above all, respect for each other. She has enabled our family of 3 teenagers to become civil again!"
—mother of three teens
"Thank you Bonnie! You have enabled me to recognize and value my own sense of self, something that I lost a long time ago. It's quite a process, and I thank God that you are there to help me through it!"
—mother of three
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