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Phone, Skype, Office Visits

Request an appointment with Bonnie by sending an email to and arranging a time that works best for you.

One hour of phone or email coaching is $95, 90 minutes is $125. If you would like a short check-in, I will do a half hour for $65.

Payment can be made through Paypal on this page, or a check can be sent to 152 Windy Row, Peterborough, NH 03458.

For the half hour fee or any other fee we might agree on if these prices do not work for you, login to your Paypal account, click send money, enter my email address and the fee and check services. From another country, make sure the fee is paid in US dollars.

For office visits, email Bonnie to set up a face-to-face visit in her office. Fees may differ.

Click on this Paypal button for one hour of phone or Skype counseling.

Click on this Paypal button for 90 minutes of phone or Skype counseling.

For small group meetings (ex. you and 2 or 3 friends; you and your child's teacher and administrator) email me at to arrange a time and the fees to set up a conference call.

Everything you always wanted to know
about parenting but were afraid to ask.

    —Here's an easy way to ask.
  • Do you have questions about your children and their behavior?
  • Are you concerned you don't know how to handle certain parenting situations?
  • Are you finding that parenting is more than you bargained for?
  • Are your kids pushing your buttons?
  • Do you find yourself more drained and exhausted at the end of a day than fulfilled and satisfied?
  • Are you having problems with your parenting partner or your own parents?
  • Would you like advice on how to better parent with your ex?
  • And do you have no one you trust to give you the information you really need?
Here are the answers in the comfort of your own home or in Bonnie's office.

Bonnie offers parent and co-parent counseling for parents of any age child who are not getting the answers they need, don't know where to turn, just need some quick advice or need help co-parenting in situations of divorce or separation.

Many parents find that they don't have time to join a parenting group, don't feel they need a therapist, but are sometimes at the end of their rope. Bonnie offers an approach for parents that is understanding of each parent's unique situation so parents feel comfortable and heard.

Here's what one parent said about Bonnie's help:

"Bonnie is a genius. She understands what you are saying, really listens, validates, empathizes, gives you real solutions and leaves you feeling good about yourself, not guilty."

Click here for more parent quotes.

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When  Your Kids Push Your Buttons Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids
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"My husband and I first came to Bonnie looking for help with our spirited child. Throughout our struggles and joys, Bonnie has helped us to understand the interpersonal dynamics in our family and given us useful practical advice. Bonnie brings empathy and intellectual depth to her practice and we have come to depend on her remarkable warmth and wisdom. Every family could use a little Bonnie now and then!"
—mother of two
bonnie portrait
"Bonnie has been the ray of sunshine that broke through the darkness that my family was sinking into deeper and deeper everyday. She has enlightened us with her common sense, wisdom, and above all, respect for each other. She has enabled our family of 3 teenagers to become civil again!"
—mother of three teens
girls profile
"Thank you Bonnie! You have enabled me to recognize and value my own sense of self, something that I lost a long time ago. It's quite a process, and I thank God that you are there to help me through it!"
—mother of three
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